Join Us for Our DRC Peas & Carrots Vodcast series!
Each episode features a special guest in the licensure
and certification industry. Watch every episode of
DRC’s Peas & Carrots Vodcast here:

Anne Richard
Building Community

Shebbra Toussaint
Advocating for Yourself

Sandy Hogg
Turning the Tables – Interviewing Peas & Carrots

Janie Schumaker

Mihaiela Gugiu

Amanda Crowley
Building a Brand

Cynthia Allen
Finding Value in the Work You Do and the Community You Are In

Kathy Hinshaw
Work Life/Balance

Melanie Graw
Better Together/Communities of Practice

Jarrod Morgan
Developing a Culture

Elizabeth Azari
Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Luke Brymer
Making Meaningful Connections

MaryBeth Kurland
Managing a Board

Jared Zurn
Get the Most Out of People! Embracing Emotion in a Logical Decision-Making World

Debra Persinger
Bringing Your Humanity to Your Work

Tom Warren
Relationships Matter