Item and Exam Development

DRC’s item and exam development experts work in partnership with credentialing organizations to create rigorous assessments that meet the high standards necessary for licensure and certification. We work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to analyze industry trends, design test blueprints, write and review items, conduct item pretesting, and design and construct final test forms.

Our specialists are experienced in working with SMEs across professions to ensure the highest quality items that follow industry best practices and result in the most reliable and valid measurement outcomes.

  • Design and Development of Written, Oral, Performance, and Portfolio Examinations
  • Job Task/Practice Analysis
  • Exam Blueprint Development
  • Item Writing and Review Training, including Item Bias Workshops
  • Item Writing Assignment Management
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training and Coaching
  • Test Development Workshops:
    • Item Writing
    • Item Review
    • Exam Review
    • Item Bank Review
  • Exam Form Construction
  • Item Editing and Content Review
  • Test Development Services Evaluation and Audit

Content Design and Test Development Services