Item Banking

DRC is proud to have developed one of the most comprehensive item development, banking, and form construction software applications in the industry today. Our item-banking system, IDEAS, was designed to provide a single, consistent repository to house all information related to test items and passages and test forms. The system was built by test developers for test developers, and it follows industry standards for item portability, ensuring a seamless transfer from your current system.

Our item banking system provides a collaborative environment for DRC to work with our clients throughout the item and test development process. The system provides all the functionality required to take an item from authoring to review to forms construction and administration.

Item Bank Features

  • Highly Secure—Protected by DRC’s industry-certified information technology security controls, including ISO 27001 certification
  • Web-Based—Allows authorized users to access its capabilities from a variety of locations, including home offices for remote workers
  • Fully Searchable Database—Easily manage, search, and retrieve all item, image, and passage data
  • Tracking Individual Items and Images—Unique item identifiers enable tracking throughout the item development and forms development processes
  • Tracking Development Progress—The development of the item bank can be easily and accurately monitored to ensure content coverage across and within standards
  • Documentation of Item History—Updates to items occurring at any stage, including external committee reviews, are recorded and kept throughout the life of each item/passage
  • Streamlined Test Form Development and Publishing—The system automatically renders items for online testing and generates print-ready files