Exam Administration – Pearson Vue Sponsors

Data Recognition Corporation is pleased to provide the opportunity for candidates to take computerized certification examinations at local testing centers across the country during the appointed time of the examination. Candidates may schedule examinations as far in advance of the test as the Test Sponsor permits, but must have met all requirements established by the Test Sponsor and paid all Test Sponsor fees before scheduling a testing appointment. Once all requirements are met and fees paid, follow the associated Test Sponsor link to Pearson VUE for registration. Following the Test Sponsor’s link to Pearson VUE allows candidates to:

  • Create a web account for online registration
  • Schedule or reschedule an examination
  • Locate a nearby Pearson VUE test center.
Go to your Test Sponsor’s web page at Pearson VUE to continue the registration process:

If you have any questions about DRC’s Computer Based Testing and Specialty Board Exams, please email Holly Saraullo.

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Pearson VUE – Computer Based Testing Tutorial

To better prepare candidates for test day, please click here to be directed to the Pearson VUE website and the opportunity to navigate your way through a computer-based demo exam.