In-House Materials Processing and Production

DRC offers efficient solutions for paper/pencil assessments, from our in-house printing of scannable forms to highly secure and accurate packaging, distribution, and receipt of assessment materials. These ISO 9001-certified processes assure our customers that formal quality control and risk management processes are incorporated into all of our standard operating procedures.

Our materials distribution and processing centers are conveniently located in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park, less than ten miles from the Maple Grove headquarters. These facilities consist of more than 293,000 square feet of office, production, and warehouse space. They were custom designed to support DRC’s high-volume packaging, shipping and receiving, secure document accounting, document processing, scanning, and editing functions, along with short- and long-term secure materials storage.

More information on our capabilities is included below:

  • DRC produces scannable forms to exacting specifications. We print nearly 250 million scannable pages per year.
  • Annually, DRC packages, distributes, and tracks more than 28 million materials (including 12 million secure materials).
  • DRC is capable of image scanning and scoring approximately 50 million pages (25 million sheets) per week.
DRC assessment professionals