Expertise in Item and Exam Development

DRC staff have the professional expertise to guide clients through the process of job analysis, item bank management, exam development, standard setting, psychometric analysis, and reporting.

As a full-service assessment company, we have the resources to meet your program’s needs. DRC has more than 750 full-time employees, including over 30+ in-house psychometricians, 95+ test development specialists, and over 3,000 seasonal and temporary employees in 10 locations nationwide.

Customer-Focused Approach

DRC provides a high level of customer care and attention to all of our clients, regardless of program size. We offer the same attentive service to our small, midsize, and large clients alike. DRC serves as a true partner to each customer. We are invested in the success of every program, and our priority it to understand, respect, and meet your unique needs.

Expertise Item and Exam Development